When slowly pales the yellow dusk
I’ll be waiting for yet another day
A brighter sun in the blue above
May come and go, but I will stay
If over the horizon you can peep
Till the farthest stretch your eyes can see
Unfathomed, in the oceans deep
Forever, you will find me.
Ah! Breath that says, “Oh princess! Wake,
Far beyond and past all pain
A new flight let me on you take”
Even then, I remain.
Till tired you grow of tide and time
And customs such that strangle thee
For mistakes neither yours nor mine,
To console you, I will be.
From days of yore to days in here
The journey takes me on and on
And somewhere in each passing year,
I’ve woken up to a novel morn.
I’ll be there for you, beside you till
The world is there, the breeze is still
With wings of snow so delicate rare,
Let’s ride the wind and cleave the air
A still you touch, a touch you steal
We steal the moments rolling by
And thrive forever in wholesome zeal,
Always together, you and I.

Swasti is a member of LSD. She wrote this piece in a fit of obsession and devotion and dedication and pure emotion. She put this up as an example of how random things can lead to poetry. Or what looks like a concoction of seemingly beautifully synchronized words that seem to echo with rhythm.


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