Here we welcome you, amongst the red stones

Where we have, our own Game of Thrones.


Quizzers are the Wildlings, their beards so long,

Perennially in pursuit, of right and wrong.

Mighty they stand, north of the wall,

And shower questions, like arrows tall.


Writers are the Starks, royal and upright,

Displaying through pen, their creative might.

They are the wolves, devouring prose,

From the Origins to the Deathly Hallows.


Speakers are the Lannisters, inciting fear,

Butchering people without a sword or spear.

In paying their debts, they are never late,

Through Valyrian (s)words in JAM and Debate.


Together we form a force so strong,

Ruling the Kingdom where you now belong.


Continue to Part 2…

Nishad is a second year student at IIMA and a member of LSD. His favourite pastime is sitting at LKP and writing poems. 


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