So, finally, I get the opportunity to rant.

To speak (write) out my mind, crib, shout and chant.

What among the thousands of things

That go through my mind, should I share with the world?

Maybe everything? Or nothing really?

Quiz. No quiz. Quiz. No quiz.

Cramming for quiz…

Messed up the quiz.

Same old. Same old.

Want to read something

Ask around for suggestions

“Read up on company X,” “Go for current affairs”

Really people? What happened to the novels of the world?

But, IIMA people… Same old. Same old.

Have an article to submit

But, scrabble game with neighbour calls.

Game turns into chit-chat.

Article deadline missed.

Same old. Same old.

Placement prep… GD, interviews,

Industry knowledge.

Talks with mentors,

Keeping tabs on competition.

Same old. Same old.

Need to wash clothes.

Will do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is tomorrow.

Laziness rules.

Same old. Same old.

Crazy thoughts.

Random ones.

Weird thoughts.

Amazing ones.

Thinking. Thinking. And thinking.

Same old. Same old…


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