I saw the title, blinked my eyes.

I have an article to pen,

A topic on which to write

And…I am clueless on what I would do

Were I to be invisible for a day, maybe two.

I think of my fantasies;

Do any of them require my invisibility?

Apparently not.

I then get my memory to evoke

Moments when I had prayed for Harry’s cloak.

I did wish to sneak in and get to know

What, about me, the grumpy interviewers thought.

Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet meetings

Or maybe Modi’s rendezvous with Obama

Gave my invisible self some food for thought.

But, these ideas are too tame;

Not very cool, rather lame.

So, I resort to asking my friends

What they would do if they were invisible for a day.

After all, I still have an article to pen.

In this feedback process

I get to know an amazing human facet.

Apparently, wishes related to invisibility

Are a closely guarded secret,

Much beyond my persuasive ability.

I begged. I cajoled. I pleaded.

A shake of the head,

A customary why

And then the gem,

“it’s a Boy Thing, that’s why.”

“You will judge me,”

Is another answer I got.

“What if it comes true?” was a common retort.

Seems like delusion is commonplace.

Wishful thinking has caught up with IIMA’s pace.

But, my friends are not alone.

I too have some delusions of my own.

I could in this article share

The story of Invisibility and my affair.

But I won’t. You see, “It’s a Girl Thing.”

Kirti is a first year student at IIMA and a member of LSD. 


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