Conversations with Myself

‘Conversations with Myself’ is a misleading title.  It presents the impression of a dialogue. There is an outer self, that sends the message. And there is an inner self, that receives and responds. Wonderfully linear. Except that it’s a horribly complicated quadratic equation, in truth. A conversation with myself really means a conversation with my selves. There is most definitely an outer self, that sends out its questions. But instead of going to a singular wholesome inner portion of myself, the message goes to a wicked control room filled with a bunch of strange people. You have Rationality, the wise girl in spectacles who has all the answers. You have Irrationality, that fickle thing, which currently tells me that ice cream is the answer to IIM-A’s work schedule. You have Fear, and Laziness, and Ambition crouching together over my last message, which says I must get my CV in order. All forming part of this jumbled up system that my messages run through!

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The Storyteller

Once upon a time, stories used to begin with the words “Once Upon A Time”. There lived a storyteller then who lived under the banyan tree that grew on the village square. His stories could hold the audience together for hours and move them from tears to laughter in the blink of an eye.

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An art lover’s duty

A lot of blame is usually thrown around when we talk about the decline in quality of art over generations, and a huge chunk of that blame goes towards capitalism. Materialism is ruining the industry, they say. What else can we expect when everything is ruled by money? The talented artists seem eager to compromise quality in order to earn a little extra cash. What’s the solution? Some people think we should do away with capitalism altogether. The rest just don’t care. Very few seem to address the elephant in the room — the rotten taste of the consumers. Continue reading →