..Continued from Part 1

“Who made Ramdas co-ord?”, asked our last leader in pain

His well-knit crosswords are a solver’s ba(i)ne


Anshul’s a quizzer, his taglines hail from books

Don’t fall for them though, he’s wilder than he looks


Deva’s our nice guy, he’s polite and sweet

His smile can charm, the instant you meet


Sarthak puts much CP, you never see him sulk

Things people remember him for – his cycle and Hulk


On the buzzer, Sunil is quick with his thumb

So silent he is, often uncomfortably numb


Porn-ika’s so enthu, she stays up all night

From club to dorm, she’ll grab every PoR in sight

Mundu’s our banker, he works really hard

Another debater, he’s a new one in our guard


Gokhale is The Man, quizzer and footballer

Off the field, his meta-ness makes one falter


Peaced out in life, happy and chill is Vishal

His love for Coke has reduced after his internship in Nepal


Sriharsha’s a speaker, debater, adjudicator,

Our in-house JAM-mod, it’s tough to stop his chatter


Kajax is a dear, his wishes you can’t refute

Like his designs, he thinks his hands are cute


Nishad’s a prodigy, a once hidden writer

His inherent Gujju swag makes one feel lighter


Arika’s among our youngest, smart and pretty

Nothing makes her happy like a good game of Frisbee


Rajaram’s a cricketer, bothers not about the toss

A talented Tam-Brahm, he debates like a boss


Soni’s a star, a flower about to blossom

His defining tagline: “Socially awkward, actually awesome.”


Sriram is eloquent, passionate, brimming with reason

He’ll be up for cycling, no matter the season


SoBo model Nikki, he’s famous on campus

His fluency is astounding, another consultant among us


Hemanth’s a soccer star, tall, dark and handsome

His chill sense of humour raises his ransom


Kanishk and Neha are silent workers, reliably doing their bit

One is into debating, the other’s all in for lit


Games, movies, cricket, books – things that define Kartik

AoE, CounterStrike, Ayn Rand are others that give him a kick


Arushi is famous on Quora and listens to Coldplay

“I’m good at Geography” is not something she should say


Mitra hails from Placecomm, he’s a know-it-all Bong

His replies to questions never take long


Mohit is funny, unique and frank

His company you’ll remember long after you’ve drank


Balaji is quiet, calm and seemingly polite

His groovy dance steps are worth watching some night


Sumit’s a class apart, a man of his word

There isn’t a book or movie of which he hasn’t heard


Media secy Sanjay is as swag as swag can be

He truly understands the meaning of getting high and LSD.

Arika is a second year student at IIMA and a member of LSD. She’s always high on life.


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