The Greatest Show on Earth

“The Greatest Show, on Earth”, it was dubbed. Would be more appropriate to call it the “Greatest Show in the Galaxy”, but thankfully, no one really seemed to mind. It had become a welcome distraction for all the inhabitants of the Rigel system, and we’d really become attached. Why, we even had a flourishing business around the whole shebang. Continue reading →

We at LSD – Part 1

Here we welcome you, amongst the red stones

Where we have, our own Game of Thrones.


Quizzers are the Wildlings, their beards so long,

Perennially in pursuit, of right and wrong.

Mighty they stand, north of the wall,

And shower questions, like arrows tall.


Writers are the Starks, royal and upright,

Displaying through pen, their creative might.

They are the wolves, devouring prose,

From the Origins to the Deathly Hallows.


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We at LSD – Part 2

..Continued from Part 1

“Who made Ramdas co-ord?”, asked our last leader in pain

His well-knit crosswords are a solver’s ba(i)ne


Anshul’s a quizzer, his taglines hail from books

Don’t fall for them though, he’s wilder than he looks


Deva’s our nice guy, he’s polite and sweet

His smile can charm, the instant you meet


Sarthak puts much CP, you never see him sulk

Things people remember him for – his cycle and Hulk


On the buzzer, Sunil is quick with his thumb

So silent he is, often uncomfortably numb


Porn-ika’s so enthu, she stays up all night

From club to dorm, she’ll grab every PoR in sight

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