There was once a man of vice and shame,
Of error and regret
He lived a life of condescension,
Trickery and debt.

One day he woke to blinding light
In the corner of his room
A vacuum cleaner nestled there,
His future’s lowly loom.

He wrestled with the meaning
Of this unfamiliar sight
He found the answer hidden
In the recess of his mind.

He climbed the peaks and crossed the streams
And voyaged through the land,
With just his thoughts to listen to,
And cleaning toy in hand.

He dusted out the venal thoughts,
The habits of disdain,
He cleansed his body and his soul,
And pasteurized his brain.

He journeyed back to virtue
Forming dreams and visions great,
His eyes wide shut to danger
And the vagaries of fate.

A woman walked into his life,
An empress of the word,
A glance, a smile, a text from her,
Left him light-headed and stirred.

So when he listened to his heart
And told her how he felt,
The poison dart of rejection
Made his strength of will melt.

He choked in helpless agony
Devoid of cheer and goal
A vacuum cleaner serves no use
For a heart-shaped hole.

Advait is currently nursing a sort-of-wounded heart. He wrote this poem hoping to crystallize his own feelings.


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