If every look is a stare, what then is the fare?
My bag is full of candles, am I then a scandal?
If not, then there’s a castle to which is my beckoning,
Much ado is not my thing, so off on the roadof reckoning.
If not blood then don’t regret, our ties deeper than space,
O’ fellow travellers come on now for the path leads astray;
If not you then who shall keep the thirsty fox at bay?
Close your ears to all that whispers floating on this day.
Not long ago did we not think that no journey is bold?
How silly would you not feel now that the dice has rolled?
There is no light where we must amble to, if not sprint,
For that I have a candle for each of you, in fine print.
You will know when the need comes to collect its debt,
Do not forget to fire the wick to look around and stare;
And if your will is even as strong as your worn out shoes,
You might see that castle from where comes this muse.


Ravikant is a regular guest author at the blog. His work can be read here.