The anomaly

The Sunday crowd of Hilltown dissipated into the shadowy lanes, as the sun got higher. The side lanes were crowded with small food outlets serving everything from Thai curries to cheap pizzas. The large umbrella above four chairs and small circular table provided enough respite from the heat, and ice topped beverages acted as the constant companion of parched lips. With a chime signaling the opening of the restaurant door, a waiter approached a table with a formidable man in beach shirt and khaki shorts reading the menu with one eye closed. Continue reading →

Do you conform?

‘There are things that you don’t understand in life, but then there are some that you do, from the core of your heart, once and for all’.

Rahul recalled in his mind, as he sipped his black coffee, without sugar. The lights were dim all over the hall except near him. A few lights were on around him, and at one other place in the entire hall. He looked at his laptop screen, pressed save, and prepared himself to review the deck one more time. The digital clock at the upper right end of his screen was ranting 7:45 pm. He looked up towards the door at the far right end and felt a little chilly; the air conditioners were still set in the summer mode. Moving his head around, he saw a shadow three cubicles away over his shoulders. ‘That must be Ram, but why is he still here on a Friday evening?’ he thought. Continue reading →

Gee thanks, but I’m good – A limerick

No, I won’t go scuba diving,

No, I won’t go clubbing or jiving

The water is deep and I can’t swim

The club is crowded and the lights are dim

This entire world seems rather conniving

No treks for me, I’m pretty clear

Fruit juice please, I’ll skip the beer

The hill is steep and I might fall

The beer will kill me in the longer haul

This entire world seems rather queer

No pets for me, for they might bite

No cheese please, I’m on an eternal diet

The cat is a creep, the dog is a liability

Cheese will lead to a weight calamity

This entire world seems far from bright

No cars or bikes, nor will I fly

Cigars and hookahs I will not try

Planes and trains are bound to crash

Cigarettes produce a ton of ash

This entire world seems to want to die

Now I’m squatting in my grave

For some more life, I still do crave

I wanna go back and pet a Lab

Drink and dine, put on some flab

My next life, I’ll be a f**king knave

My next life, I’ll be a f**king knave

On friend-zones

Friend-zones are perhaps one of the most devilish devices invented by humans to torture other humans. Let us define a friend-zone first, to avoid confusion. You like bae. Bae knows fully well that you like bae. Bae however doesn’t reciprocate. You and bae are good friends. That’s a friend-zone for you, right there. They are deceptively friendly and welcoming places. A second best abode for all those poor rejected souls. At least we’re friends! Bae is fine with talking nicely to me! Right? Wrong! Friend-zones are sad places. A diabolical breeding ground for hopelessness and despair and a variety of miserable feelings. Do they have even a single redeeming feature then? Well yes, they serve as a rite of passage, if one is sensible. It all depends on how much common sense one really has. Continue reading →