Interesting things are going on in the amazing land of Amdavad. The beautiful red world is turning upside down, tipping and turning on a point till it all shatters into millions of little bricks and pieces. Such blasphemous and ridiculously preposterous occurrences have not been heard of outside these circular walls. In dark corners and in rooms with blazing, popping RGB lights, bright brains sway in ridiculously clothed bodies to trashy music while golden liquid blazes through their blood, burning a trail, igniting spilling of secrets and hidden desired, long hair tossing without inhibition.

The world above would have been perfect but there exists an asymmetry. Some can remember everything the next morning while for the others all that remains are blinding lights and painful memories of hitting their head hard against the wall when balance bowed out of their system. Such injustice. How’s this fair? Armed with sharp memory and a natural eye for gossip, the empowered ones go around, listening to stories, filling up their arsenal. They listen to insecurities, love confessions, crush lists, hook up stories and drunk stories and the next morning set the rumor factory running. I demand that free market economics and important sounding terms like signalling come to the aid of the memory-less and remove the gaps here!

Interestingly, the party leads to tiny bubbles of worry forming about the next day’s work – is this legit? Am I cheating the earth by having fun instead of RGing the world? Go away, bubble. Here’s a pin. Burst! Burst, I say! No? *shove aside* When a sufficiently high pile of bubbles has piled up in the person’s head such that he cannot lift his limbs to “Aao Raja” without collapsing from the guilt, person leaves the party sadly and runs into a group of consult enthusiasts who’re on their way back from a night out in the library. All the swag of the party which set back the organizers twenty grand evaporates faster than one could say ‘Quidditch’.

For the not so unlucky ones, nothing lowers the bars we guard the sub-conscious with better than the afterglow of such a party. Exuberant and exhausted, people collapse in interesting shapes and formations. The conversations of the semi-awake people are beautiful and the speed of thought moves from 4 billion bytes per second to 4.2 billion bytes per second. That’s right. All answers are to be found here. From complex problems like figuring out how trains can possibly turn on parallel tracks to figuring out how to escape the evil clutches of seven digit placement figures and run towards the freedom of start ups. Parties should be made compulsory for better productivity of the campus! Hail neon lights.

Parnika is a member of LSD and is currently deliberating what to do as the Summers approach.


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