New phase, new life. While the word ‘new’ in itself is exciting, it always brings along an anxiety for me. It is also always, that excitation overcomes this anxiety but not this time. This time was different.

From the time I came here, I knew I was missing something. Well, it was nothing not normal as everybody was missing something or the other (probably except the few with extreme hatred for their ex-bosses and the brilliant ‘we-can-understand-everything-in-one-go’ kind). So, off I ventured into this new island: far from the main land of my home, my friends, everything which belonged to me till then except for a suitcase full of belongings. I kept missing home, family. Then in the deluge of books and cases and preparation, the time I got to miss home, family, friends, people dropped. But, still, I was missing something. Eventually, I left the company Missing Pvt. Ltd. and joined Let’s Study Public Corporation. As time passed, changes were acquired such as an owl’s nocturnal capabilities, a mouse’s timidity when cold called, a lion’s pride while answering some of those cold calls in subjects which required ‘knowledge of the world’. But, still, there was something being missed. I had realised by then that it is something unknown to me.

One day, I went out to a restaurant. There was an infant hardly a year old who smiled at me when I waved at him. The feeling was otherworldly, relieving me of all those things I had crammed my mind with. A simple, innocent smile that is what is required to make your life smooth. And then, the realisation dawned upon me that what the things I missed were: my morning walks, seeing sunrise every day, following moon’s trajectory every night, collecting leaves and petals from lanes and pavements and then storing them forever, presence of children around me, getting wet in rains: everything so subtle, everything so very doable here but still not done, at the gain of a little sleep or a little more prepared case. I must tell myself, ’a poor deal, my dear little manager’!!!

Neha is a member of LSD. She, like a few others, is yet to figure out how WordPress works.


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