A party: The People and the Aftermath

Interesting things are going on in the amazing land of Amdavad. The beautiful red world is turning upside down, tipping and turning on a point till it all shatters into millions of little bricks and pieces. Such blasphemous and ridiculously preposterous occurrences have not been heard of outside these circular walls. In dark corners and in rooms with blazing, popping RGB lights, bright brains sway in ridiculously clothed bodies to trashy music while golden liquid blazes through their blood, burning a trail, igniting spilling of secrets and hidden desired, long hair tossing without inhibition. Continue reading →

थक गए हैं पाँव

थक इस कदर गए हैं पाँव, कि अब हम चल न पाएंगे

किये थे जो भी वादे खुद से, फुर्सत में निभाएंगे

ज़िन्दगी ने राह तो दी मुक्कमल, ऐ मेरे दाता

चंद लम्हे जो मिल जाएँ, तो जज़्बा ढूंढ लाएंगे Continue reading →

Why always me?

This is not the first time that these feelings have cropped up in his heart. He went through a similar emotional turmoil same time last year. These months of May have been bringing along with them a sense of desolation which have fostered from the disappointments he has had to suffer. Coupled with these disappointments, a feeling of worthlessness has made matters worse for him. Continue reading →

Silence – Redefined

Sitting with a pen in my hand, I was looking for the obvious. By obvious I mean the right word that would fit my story. And it is quite difficult to find it when you have a very enthusiastic culprit in your mind, the idea. It just doesn’t wait. It would selfishly and excitedly wander through the labyrinth of possibilities while its father, the mind, dutifully tries really hard to shape it through words. Such a difficult job it is, to find the right word, especially for amateurs like me, for whom writing is an occasional affair with Unreality when you have Reality as an uncompromising spouse. Continue reading →

The Mumbai local – a lesson in intimacy

American anthropologist Edward Hall Jr. pioneered the social science of proxemics – the study of physical proximity between people and their reactions at various distances from each other. He defined four personal reaction bubbles based on distance. There is the intimate space (<6 inches to 1.5 feet for hugs, kisses, tickles et al). There is the personal space (1.5 to 4 feet) for interactions among family and buddies. There is the social space (4 to 12 feet) for acquaintances, and there is the public space (12 to 25 feet) for strangers and public speaking. And then there is the train ride on a Mumbai local – which proves that Prof. Hall’s work was incomplete. I will explain why. Deep breaths people…very deep breaths. Continue reading →

The Journey

The pilgrim trudged on with great effort. The toil of the journey, the vagaries of the weather and the sheer longevity of the pilgrimage had scarred not only his body but his inner resolve as well. The only thing that had kept him on the path was the desire: the desire to accomplish his goal. As he continued, his steps became heavy, his mind became clouded and his legs became numb. But, he continued on… Continue reading →