In a land much unlike the earth
Was a plumber, just up from reverie
“My love!” he cried and looked around
And began the search for Princess P

“For you, I’d cross all eight worlds
Run through woods, and jump the sea
Thirty-two long quests, I’d suffer through
So you’d be back, yes, back to me”

“What does Ulysses know of quests?
And Hercules, of arduous jobs
They didn’t face no fiery balls
No villainous bugs besieged those snobs”

“I racked my head to earn the dough
Ate running moulds to aid my run
Used fiery petals to rid the bugs
You may cry murder, but I say ’twas fun”

“Twas sweet joy when I raised the flags
‘Twas brutal when I fought the thugs
What kept me going in-between
Was love, (no) sex and other drugs”

“At last I’m here, to rescue thee
I pray no harm has befallen you
I hope you’ll find my love is pure
And I hope that you’ll love me too”

Said so the plumber, to his muse
When find he did, her in the cave
But alas, what luck when she should say
“Sorry Mario, I prefer Dangerous Dave!”

The poem was written by Arpita, the Miss LSD Pot Girl. It won the first prize in the LSD BGB Creative Writing Competition. It was also published on the Bloody Good Book blog here.



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