At the third push, the door swung open, throwing up a cloud of dust in her face. She stepped back, into the wan sunlight filtering through the pine trees. Cough, cough, cough. Aa-tishoo. She fumbled in her bag for the bottle of water and took a deep draught. A part of her wanted to run away, get into the car and drive back to the comfort of her bedsit in Denver, but a larger part wanted to go in, back to where it all started. Continue reading →

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

It’s been a while since I’ve been active on my blog writing stuffs that I don’t care much about. The reason for my procrastination, or jotting down ideas there and then is something you’d find very stupid, at once or brutally logical, all over. But yes, on a scale of 1 to Abhishek Bachchan my average thinking capacity along with comprehending sheer stupid illogical derogatory and kinky ideas are 103. I can pen down almost ten write-ups everyday, only if I can put a whole new brief introduction about myself, at the end of each writeup. Yes, it might sound as stupid and unrealistic as requesting DJ wale babu to play your song when you are hot and sexy and white. It doesn’t happen in real clichéd lives. Continue reading →

The Choice

From atop the age-old Kamakhya hill, one could look down the breadth of the mighty Brahmaputra, across the tens of small boats ferrying locals from one bank to the other. This was the place where the local Ahom kings, using indigenous techniques of warfare, had once beaten back the mighty Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Today, this land was witnessing a different agitation. Continue reading →

What? Me? Alone?

Flecks of grey in a sunlit sky,
Receding dreams from days gone by,
Empty pathways unlit by hope,
Expansive potential meet uncharted scope.

Absent horizon, goalless mind,
Mundane tasks to purpose remind,
Wandering urges, warying fate
Flitting by from state to state.

No wonder to spark in deluge of night,
No leading vision to action ignite,
A stifling delusion of impending fame,
Steps and strides remain the same

The why of this lingers on,
Memories of dreams from days bygone,
Listless passion, as time bleaks by,
Where do dreams go when they die