I like to make faces at the face in the mirror. I don’t know why. I just do it whenever I get the chance.

Some days I stick my tongue out and boo at the face. On other days, I put my right thumb on the tip of my nose and wag the remaining fingers, just like kids do. (Dear reader, you should try this yourself, it is so much fun!)

I once tried making such faces at a girl from school, when she had come home and we were hanging out with the face in the mirror. But she got angry at me and said that she would go and complain to the principal. After she had stormed off, I wondered why the girl got angry. There was no need for anger or complaint. She could have decided to make faces back at me and have fun, just like the face in the mirror does.

Maybe that is the reason why I like the face in the mirror. He almost never gets angry. He just makes the same faces at me that I make at him. There is no way I can not have fun while hanging out with him.

There was one time though when the face in the mirror got angry at me. He pulled his eyebrows down together, raised his eyelids and glared at me balefully. His mouth was tightly closed and his lips seemed like a thin straight red line. I don’t remember why he was angry at me. I only remember that I myself was also angry at him on that occasion.

In the end, we patched things up by apologizing to each other, and then smiling at each other, all at the same time! It is amazing how alike the two of us think.

A few days ago, I asked the face in the mirror what he does in his spare time, when I am not around. He said he wanted to know the same thing about me. We found it difficult to decide which of us should go first. In the end, we decided to tell each other together. It turned out we share all our interests!

At that point, the face in the mirror had asked me whether he was my best friend. I thought for a while. But then I told him that he could not be my best friend as he does not even exist in my world, the real world.

What is the real world, he asked? I said that the real world is a world of beauty, where everyone is always happy and the world is full of light. On hearing this, the face laughed at me. He said that the real world was a place with both light and darkness.

Why should there be darkness, I asked? The face laughed again. He said that obviously I would not know because I exist only in the light! He told me that I was the face in the mirror, not him!

If I am the face in the mirror, then why do you need my guidance to make faces, and not the other way round, I shot back at him. You cannot even make a face without my approval, can you? I have always been the one controlling you, guiding you.

We fought like this for a long time. But we have still not decided who the face in the mirror is.

Arpit is a guest author with LSD.



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