It’s not that I don’t try,
Toiling away into oblivion;
Nor do I believe in the devil,
It’s passe to blame the unknown.

Mysteries have been belittled,
When compared with this web of yours;
That neither confuses nor clarifies,
The mirage of boundaries and barbed wires.

I do have my pack of cards,
All spent a hundred times over;
But however careful am I to decipher,
Cries of the fallen rise with that of Lucifer.

Fear has made its hornet strong,
For the end has always been inevitable;
I only have to say this in my defence,
Life, it is not that I don’t try.


Ravikant is a Guest Author for LSD. He wrote this poem musing a face to face conversation with ‘Life’. This poem was originally published at Ravikant’s blog