It is a clean blue morning and you have woken up to an amazing start. You are optimistic of a good future. An angelic owl faced post-master has just brought a letter to your door. The beautiful logo is recognisable and the letter has been your dream since what seems forever. The content though short, has an almost magical effect on you.

Mr. Quant-Cracker cum Verbal-Nazi
The room of pain (read CAT slogging) 
Somewhere in India

Dear Mr. Cracker-Nazi
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at IIM A, school of BizCraft and Blizzardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary CV proofs.
Term begins on June 16. We await your mail no later than May 31, 23:59:59.

The elation you have blinds your comprehension of the numerals and blizzard-like alien words that are placed on the paper while your mother is already contemplating on how jealous her mother’s brother-in-law’s distant cousin’s son’s wife might be when this news is broken to her. You eagerly wait to reach to the hallowed campus of IIM Ahmedabad. You are optimistic of a good future.

Come first week and you are a different being. What seemed like a dream from the outside turns out to be a nightmare. You are a zombie, surrounded by dementors seen sauntering at late nights around their abode which they call the library. The blizzard– the deluge of assignments and submissions that seem mundane and uninteresting- has taken its toll. The nightmare is a never ending one, but, you are optimistic of a good future.

A slot later, you are still adjusting to the oxymoronically rhythmic erratic schedule. Your perpetual bad grades in WAC have brought in a new low and the blues have cast a spell on you. The dementors are on a lookout for an opportunity to suck your soul. Yet, in the second week of Slot 2, you are still optimistic of a good future. Even though now the optimism places itself somewhat uncomfortably in your heart.

The deadline is a week and a half ahead. Your optimism tells you that you have enough time to complete the assignment early and keep your weekend free. While the procrastinator in you reminds you that you do deserve a weekend off after the slot 1 slogging. You decide that you would rather focus on not sleeping in class. You revel in the extra hour of sleep you get in the first week of the new slot. The weekend comes and goes and lo! Another assignment, a daily marketing case study, and CV proofs pretty much make up your world for the next week. As the weekend arrives, you now wish that you had a time turner.

Two days prior to your submission, you decide to catch hold of your chums a.k.a study group. Oh well, it’s independence day. Even the mess community has taken a day off. the group definitely deserves the rare KFC outing. The dementors are coming closer, yet you are optimistic of a good future.

It’s THE day. 14 hours to 23:59:59. You are frantically running your fingers on the laptop keyboard. There is no time for a discussion with the study group but a benevolent mate sends you the quantitative analysis of the case. May his loins be forever fertile, you think. Your optimism returns, though feeble.

It is at 23:59:58. The submission has just been made. You know it will fetch you a D+ again, but then, you are optimistic of a good future…

Shrey is a guest author with LSD.