Image Credits: http://www.thestatesman.com/news/odisha/odisha-govt-hikes-minimum-wages-for-daily-labourers/60656.html

On the sidewalk, neglected by the city whose wheels I help turn
Under them, out of sight, my skills still have relevance
But maybe not me? When people pass you by, with not a stare
A thank you I expect not, a Hi, Good morning, is but a dream
Is it too hard not to pretend I don’t exist?
That glassy look, can you really see through me?
Can you see my past? Well, it’s not much different, is it?
And my future? Does it exist? It should, even if not through me

My kid plays around with the old tires, he does nothing else
What does he dream of? To become another me?
Is that what I want? To pass this thankless job along,
Professional pride no less, art indeed it be,
Four mouths to feed, ah that be the difficulty!
Still, with utmost care, true to the 2 rupees or 4 if I can con you into it
Like a surgeon I prise open and deftly close, removing the cancer inside
Pay up and move on, nice serving you, as if I care, you don’t, I know
And after you someone else, the city needs to run,
It can’t wait so I carry on, through it has long passed me by.


Ramdas is a member of LSD. He wrote this poem after spending half an hour at the cycle repair shop getting his bike repaired.


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