Born in a narrow creek of nowhere
The boy had promises to keep
Vivid, maverick and a savant
Prophesied it was, that the world would be in his feet

On one of his long walks down the alley
He saw a damsel in distress
A dazzling beauty, amazingly bright and without any folly
He fell for her, smitten by her and that’s when he digressed


The world was brighter, the sun shone more
the lives of the two were entwined and a bliss
The boy and the Dame crossed the bridges in this merry folklore
everything was surreal, nothing seemed awry, nothing went amiss

He started fumbling, lost his penchant
They kept on holding hands because that’s what was promised
He kept on struggling, let the self-doubt creep in
She comforted him, caressed him cos when she was down that’s what he did

With plummeting breath and skills, the boy kept on fighting
Wondering all the while, how could things go so awry?
With his mind in chaos, he turned into a leper, no longer the king
Their hands were slippery, no longer comfortable, they let them go and then, then he cried

He wept, he crawled, he begged, he fought
Then he stopped, he thought
The Dame was a beauty, at the top of the world
He had to be the king again to change this tale’s plot

And then he swore and said to himself,

” From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”

Vishal is from the new breed of LSD, one of whom the future rests. He is an LOTR fan and that’s it for the time being.



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