काग़ज़ पर बसा पूरा हिन्दोस्तान !

दीवार  पर इक कील, उस पर एक धागा
धागे से लटका हिन्दोस्तान सारा
काग़ज़ पर नक्शा है, वहीं सारा देश
काग़ज़ पर उन्नति के सारे प्रतिमान Continue reading →

Elements of Eventuality

There is a voice ringing in my head, like someone calling me from outside the door. I can’t hear anyone knocking at the door, but still this feeling reverts again and again in some twisted corner of my brain, or mind, whatever. I hate going through this commotion of joy ride between the physical and the metaphysical. It was getting hot with each day as if the vacation had overstretched its stay. The college won’t provide for air-conditioning for us. Anyways it’s too much to ask I think. Oh damn, I am thinking again. The noise that was lingering for a while before, like a snake does when it slips behind your carpet and waits for you to become oblivious of your world, has entered again. Someone was constantly calling me by my first name and still it seems like a distant voice in the lanes of time. I better flush the toilet and check the door if someone is actually outside. These bastards will never let me sleep. It is already dawn and I have a class early too. They better not be playing any pranks on me now. Continue reading →

Dream or Reality.

I envisage myself standing in a cold desert with unfathomable silence; absence of everything as far as the eyes can see, the sun just giving up its duty for the day and bidding adieu, the last of its excellence soothing and comforting me.

I see a crossroad, I see thousands of them, and I see myself at the center of them all. Am I supposed to choose a path? The sun is almost down, I feel the tinge of cold in my spine. I walk, I take a path, it’s simple, it feels simple-just sauntering, how difficult can it be? Continue reading →