A day at IIM-A

8.15 AM. Now I have to get up. My legs suddenly feel as if they aren’t there and my head swims in frenzy, making me realize I should not have watched that one extra movie last night. With brush in my hand, I come out of my room, groggily looking up at over-enthu people locking their doors and running to the mess for breakfast. Wow…It has been ages since I last ate a meal before class. Anyway, at 8.45 sharp, I enter the classroom along with several of my classmates panting and puffing all the way. Case after case after case. And the delight at catching hold of the attendance sheet. Two hearts near my crush’s name! I almost faint. Meanwhile, the meaningful CPs are getting overcrowded by the desperate and random ones and the professor realizes it’s time he closed the session before he starts to question his existence. Continue reading →