The picture is of a Diwali lamp project I did with my kids. We were spending a good part of Diwali just hanging around with each other trying to do something useful. One project was to get these plain clay Diwali lamps and decorate them. The perfectionist that I am – I wanted perfection and the kids that they are – they just wanted to use all the colors and stones they could find. So this is the result – an imperfect lamp created on a perfect afternoon.


And probably that is what we do all our lives – try to become that perfect lamp… This quote I found a few days back got me thinking.

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about BECOMING ANYTHING


so we can be who we were MEANT TO BE

The past year at IIM A has changed so much for me. Being part of this fantastic group of 85 individuals with the same aspirations and ambitions. To build upon what I had already learnt and done and to take my career to the next level.

Till I discovered – this was not about learning more. It was about unlearning so many things and learning new things, changing what I thought to be and learning what not to be.

A journey of a lifetime that I can never forget. I hope I can carry this thought throughout my life because this is what maybe life is all about. To be who we were meant to be.

Nita Menon is a Guest Author for LSD. After a stint of close to 17 years outside India, a desire to contribute back to India; the country that made her what she is today; brought Nita back to IIM A. This article was inspired by emotions experienced in the last few weeks on this beautiful campus at IIM A. This story was originally published at Nita’s personal blog – Six Steps More.