As I moved through the pages of A Song of Ice and Fire I realised why I like this particular kind of content so much. When I read about the glorious times of kings and queens and get to know more about the resplendent medieval period, my sense of wondering transports me to an era that I long to witness in person. Although it is all fiction, the imagination that a primitive world could exist with systems in place comparable to our modern world is a fascinating thought. The lavish apparel, the grand architecture, the bold noble language and the vast expanse of untouched nature described in such titles makes me picture this fictional setting clearer than a real place that I might have not visited yet. Of course, a good read would require good plot, clear character definitions and clarity of fictional geographical borders. And when a title does live up to this expectation, it is literally difficult to stop.

What is also intriguing to me is the kind of patriarchal world in this time period. It’s glaringly prevalent and yet, authors of today make it a point to keep a character or two that defy this system and still succeed as relevant protagonists. It’s beautifully done, if done right. When you read such stuff, which is fiction but inspired by actual facts, you tend to compare and contrast our current liberal society structure with that of the book tileset. While the contrast is apparent, the kinds of parallels that one might draw in terms of similarity are no less. And then as a reader, I’d start wondering that maybe the psyche of human beings has not undergone that much of a change at all. And the more I read, the more I picture myself in the shoes of specific characters. One second I am a low-lying squire being thrown around by the highlord, while the next second I am a ranger who has left all laurels to wonder around the world. Sometimes I am the villain who wants to watch the realm burn, while at others I am this timid princess who dreams of being saved by her crowned prince. The storyboard keeps moving in my head while I put faces to these characters and experience a flurry of emotions. The impact a few hundred pages can have on you…

The vicarious pleasures of life! 🙂

Vipul is a member of LSD. He is struck by such random thoughts all the time. Only sometimes he puts them down in writing. This instance being one of the some.


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