The Medieval Fantasy

As I moved through the pages of A Song of Ice and Fire I realised why I like this particular kind of content so much. When I read about the glorious times of kings and queens and get to know more about the resplendent medieval period, my sense of wondering transports me to an era that I long to witness in person. Although it is all fiction, the imagination that a primitive world could exist with systems in place comparable to our modern world is a fascinating thought. Continue reading →

The casualties of blurring lines

We could safely say that for a while now, society has challenged the traditional gender roles of the ‘Man’ venturing out of the house to earn the bread and better and the ‘Woman’ staying behind to cook, clean and look after the children. The extent, of course, varies and one would expect very different scenes in a thatched roof hut in a village in UP than in a swanky twentieth floor apartment at Cuffe Parade, but there is no doubt that the lines are blurring. Continue reading →

Kashmir Chronicles -Part 2- Falling into it

While returning from Shalimar garden, we stopped near a woolens’ shop where the Kashmiri Chacha had opened up his treasure trove of fluffy socks and sweaters in all hues possible. That was when our first conversation ensued. Imran was a talker, he had to be, considering the extra role of a tourist guide that all drivers seemed to play. I asked him things about himself and he patiently told me all about his language, how it was imperative for him to have rice and ‘saag’ (spinach) at least once in a day, how Kashmiris loved to drink ‘Nun Chai’, which is just tea minus sugar plus salt. He told me how it felt to cycle on the frozen Dal lake, Continue reading →