Faith isn’t threatened by jest,

beliefs are beyond pedestrian jeer.

The omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent

surely shouldn’t need your insecurity fueled militancy

for his survival?


The blabbering religious leader-emancipator

his obscene, gaudy grandiosity obtained by bestowed gifts

toying with his own followers

His puppeteering interrupted by the

nagging breeze of alternate expression

left him outraged

Stripped off authority and unsupported by reason,

he asserts his dominance by massacring schoolchildren.


Is your belief merely

A crutch for justifying your nastiness

A painkiller to forget your guilt

or an instrument of delirium

creating a parallel universe

promising vices unreachable in this life?


Faith might move mountains

but religion is weary with the weight

of a long decayed, distorted, incongruent world view

noisily waiting for its Quetzalcoatl


Bless the lord for the freedom bestowed

to follow his created idols and ideals

bless him further for the gift of creativity

imagination allowing us to create newer gods

absurder than the Flying Spaghetti Monster

more ‘scientific’ than Galactic Lord Xenu

bless Tom Cruise.


Faith isn’t your monopoly

my idols are mine to create

and mine to modify

as I like it.

It is your insecurity and not my insolence that needs addresal.

Keshav is a guest author at LSD. He wrote this poem to express outrage at religion-dictated massacres.



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