Cheered by the chatter of the vast ocean,

Stretching beyond what his eyes could see,

He sat down on the sandy seashore,

And collected all that within his reach.

Without a fret, a friend or a foe,

A castle, he began to build.

His tiny hand clenched some brown earth,

A dream and a design commenced.


Many a second, minute and hour passed

It was complete at last.

To a young boy of seven,

The castle was better than any heaven.


A wicked wave opened its arms,

Dancing and twirling and dancing,

The castle fort by the water was breached,

As he continued to stare at the sandy beach.


Washed away was his delicate castle

The crimson shore mourned.

Hours of labor and seconds of joy,

A cowardly act by the mighty sea.


The sand was made further moist,

Gifting the sea some tiny pearls.

By little drops glaciered by hazy eyes.

Little drops, greater than the mighty ocean.



Ashwin is a member of LSD. He wrote this reminiscing about one of his walks on the Marina.


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