I remember a time

When dreams were worshipped.

As I danced – a shaman on the Savannah –

One with my friendly flames,

The fire and I both bonded

By life,

As in the surety of our deaths.

The fire dared me let myself be,

His pirouetting partner

His sparring accomplice.

And hence my mind was freed

From the burden of my body.

Like a fawning mother of a new-born babe

Always afraid to let go,

Torn between love, fear and longing –

Seeks a strong friend to trust, if just for so long

While she sings and rushes again like the girl in her heart,

In the fire my mind found solace.

This, redoubled with the chorus

Of drums and claps and exhortations to the Goddess –

I danced.

And soon I felt my spirit humbled

In the presence of the All and the One

I dreamed as I danced.

Such fantastic dreams –

Transcending time and space itself it would seem,

As I peered from the stars

And saw through the eyes of wasps and moths as they followed

Who knows what.

From my feelings which pervaded not only me but my surroundings

And they swarmed and danced around me

Like the smell of flowers and of sweat and hot breath and of love –

As would allow my body to withstand

Without breaking

And soon there I was – a naked man who was shaking

From having been more than man

And meeting


I shook his hand like an old friend who in passing

Tells you great tales of his amassing

And you hug till we meet again, Old Friend –

I dreamt.

I smiled at the fire

His nanny duties now over

He settled into his embers

For a nap -He would revive tomorrow.

And my village shared in my vision

And we felt in our oneness

Under the moon at once

Our greatness and solitude

And it filled our hearts with joy.

And we smiled and hugged and retired

To the lap of our Earth mother

To suckle in the milky night’s bosom of dreams

That each I in the village worshiped.


(V S Vaidyanathan is an LSD member. He is currently overdosing on self exploration.)


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