The border of love

Lance Naik Vikram Singh rubbed his right eye and smeared his handkerchief with the sweat dripping from his forehead. The nip in the air was long gone. He squinted again and looked through the binocular atop his rifle. It was nearly two hours since he assumed his duty on the watch post and he felt uneasy at the thought of eight more there. He was flat on his stomach and a slow rumble made it sound against the muddy floor. Continue reading →

Kashmir Chronicles -Part 1-Swept Away

We reached Srinagar at 12.30 PM on 12 May amidst a shower that had dipped the temperature to 15 degrees Celsius. The moment I alighted from the plane, icy winds stung me from all sides. I scanned the crowd of drivers and relatives, all holding placards and shouting names till my sister caught sight of our surname fluttering in the breeze. Turned out that Imran, our booked driver was off to Kargil and he had sent his brother, Nasir to take us to our hotel. Continue reading →

Know what? Bitches get stuff done

This one is for the ladies.

There are a million reasons to love Tina Fey. She looks great, is quite funny and her self-deprecating humor still hits the spot on lazy nights of YouTube and 30 Rock reruns when there is nothing else to do. She writes well too. In the book Bossypants, Fey advises young women to shun lady-shaming at work. Continue reading →