Deep run the pages of history

The Winding Corridors of Time,

The Stone Halls reveling in their emptiness;

Deeds lost and forgot.


Deeds that rejoiced in the glory of the present;

Those shreds of life – that murky proof of Time;

Soon to be lost, and never remembered – as the pages slowly turn.


Time takes its toll – Deeds give way to Legend, and Legend to Myth,

Myth sleeps behind the shroud of death – dead, but for us to believe;

There to stay, there to hide, and there to rest till all of time.


And then it emerges from its slumber, lost in the eyes of all who walk;

And then it wakes to the world – that world, ignorant in its grave;

And then it walks the Earth again, and walks with all its might;


For it lives, and lives again;

In a world that knows naught.


For it lives, and lives true;

Deep within the hearts of all.


For it lives, and lives forever;

To stay till the end of Time.


In a world so lost – in a world so void,

In a world so far from Truth.

Man has, but himself, and his fading glimmer of Hope;

To aid him, to guide him, and to lead him through.


For it is Hope, and this Hope alone, which stands the test of time.

Vishnu Kaant Pitty is a member of LSD. He has been attempting to write a will-never-get-completed opus for the last three years. This is its prologue. 


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