Life is short, eat your dessert first! (Because I was bored with the insistence of being a rebel, a man, a lawyer, superman or awesome etc.) Be a foodie! Why? Because you have seen enough of those monotonous writing, reading, travelling, engineering or lawyering up, so far. Now, eat! Until now, you would have never known how food constitutes a large proportion of your social life. It might sound as ridiculous and futile as a cardamom in a plate of chicken biryani, but it adds taste to the delicacy just like food does to your life. People who love to eat are less judgmental and selfless to the lot. When you forget to call them at night, they won’t whine about it because they know you won’t judge them when they stop mid way admiring street side delicacies and local dishes. When they talk about food, it is as if it’s more sensuous than anything else in the world. People who love to eat tend to be happier and more confident than other normal human species. They don’t get bogged down by ‘size zero’ and other such fads. They don’t dissipate time thinking about altering their diet, because they feel the best thing about their life is Food. Foodies are also more loyal and trustworthy; it’s like if he is a fan of Chicken Biryani with gravy, raitas and salads on sides, he would love it all his life. Since nothing save the best suits them, a plate of paneer chilly or rajma-chawal won’t make them change their loyalties. They are also self-sufficient; they know what they want, when they want it and apparently how they would get it. They are also more determined and head-strong – nothing can stop them from getting a plate of chicken chilly, even if it’s two at the night! Food gives you time to think, as Pavarotti, from my own story quotes ‘One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating’. People who live to eat are comparatively brawny, they understand there are highs and lows and it might not always be rosy – just as how the masala isn’t throughout and the flavor might vary from part to part. They like accepting challenges, because they have had enough experience of bad tastes around. ‘My experiments with tastes’. Nevetheless, any brobdingnagian obstacle in life couldn’t get worse than a poor taste of food Food-lovers are also vibrant and passionate people. Their passions range from eating good food to glorifying it. They are much less depressed and more creative than average individuals. Just like the flavors they savor so much; they like being around different kinds of people at the same time – they are fraternizing elements. Foodies are also more adventurous and elevated; having tried multifarious cuisines at different places, they get used to changes. They can survive extremes! Period. Eating also gives you an option to pursue your fundamental rights, just as Homer Simpsons quotes “Give me liberty or ..a.. a jelly donut!”(Pun intended!) Foodies are even fun and would not add as a burden to your pocket. A foodie will always be happy with the right kind of street food; they don’t dig for a fancy buffet or seven-course meal. There’s nothing like a pani-puri with sliced onions on sides. Food lovers are also easy going, get them an ice cream cone or a vada-pav, they are all yours. If you are confused or if you have your favorite matches and beer sessions, buy them food coupons, they couldn’t be happier! Be it birthdays or anniversaries, wooing them is going to be the least of your concerns! They feel it’s losers who don’t know what joy the art of eating good food gives you. Foodies are apparently relaxed and self medicated, they don’t have to look into the menu to know what they want. They have food fantasies all along. It’s like foodgasm at its best! If you don’t have a foodie around you, rush! Find the kind of person who loves food because you deserve it. You deserve a companion who can give you the tastiest life imaginable. If you want a deeply fulfilling life with the right mixture of joy, find the kind of person who wouldn’t mind cheese flowing down their cheeks than a strain of mascara. Conclusively, as Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef says “To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living”


Shikhar is a guest author for LSD. This blog is a result of his never ending appetite and unconditional love for food. He likes Chicken biryani and Parineeti chopra in that order. Bon appétit!