The world of comedy has changed. Gone are the days when comedy was all about actors like Govinda, Johnny Lever who did weird things and people laughed. Today it is a business altogether, a space where people make money doing shows, creating content on websites like YouTube and make money by making “smart” product placements. The industry is now what one calls matured.

But is this really maturity? What was once clean comedy is now all about being as vulgar as possible. A modern recipe for humour is a slice of sex, add one or two male and female body parts, throw in some abuses and smart word play for flavor and top it all with a bit of racism – this is what modern day jokes look like to me. After all, a Sunny Leone, Pamela Anderson and a black guy can always create a great joke.

Today, what I really feel the world needs is some clean humour. My worry is not that the “dirty” picture is not doing what it is suppose to do – make people laugh and cheer them up. But what worries me is that would it mean that very soon, we won’t ever appreciate clean humour at all? Will our kids stop a classic comedy like Hera Pheri from running on my DVD player just so that they can watch another show of Russell Peters? Will Friends cease to be fun and its spot taken over by the Family Guy?

I only wish that the meaning of humour does not change so much that we stop enjoying “real” humour. I tag the entire world to take up the Swach Humour Abhiyaan!

Pradeep is a member of LSD. He never writes but somehow he found a lot of free time during exchange. He was searching for comedy videos to watch online to pass time and this search left him feeling the need for this Abhiyaan. 


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