In this lost stupor, like a wandering trooper
We seek to eke a purposeful existence
In this long motion picture, living by some pre-ordained scripture
We pursue it with unflinching consistence
In every place we look, in every corner and nook
Like a glimmering treasure evading our blind sight
Perceived glimpses of it, even a tiny little bit
But it always evades us, try all that we might

It is a baffling enigma, like a lean six sigma
Because more of it is always insufficient
For it can never be quantified, or comprehensively denied
In explanation all mortal laws are deficient
In this long drawn grind, its presence can bind
Even the most untrue of mortals together
Such is its power, even demi gods will cower
It transforms our existence for the better
The slightest glimmer, even an undulating shimmer
Can bring life back into a lost soul
Lifting our life, even from the deepest strife
Ready to fulfill our decided mortal goal
Its true pursuit, is the most honourable suit
In this world full of ill and vice
A ‘rich’ man’s dream, forever it may seem
Because it cannot begot by playing dice
It seems absent, although it is omnipresent
We just have to find it in this din
I can see a glint, so ill give you the hint
Just look within

Aviral is a member of the LSD. He writes poetry which he believes is very deep in meaning, but which he himself doesn’t understand. This poem, composed in one such revelation, was originally published at Aviral’s blog.


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