One, the son of a valiant champion
Privy to secrets from his mother’s womb
Boon or curse, was the cry that was heard
When he retired to his untimely tomb
It had no beginning, it had no end
Just like the maleficence confined within
What was the worse? That they were too many
Or the fact that they were his kith and kin

You either die a hero…

Two, the regent who made the choice
A terrible one, unheard so far
Matured more than six score and ten
Yet, led two million and more in war
His life was but, a course of forks
A mother, a wife? A brother, a sprite?
But is it justified indeed, to choose
The duty to the king over the upright?

Or you live long enough…

Three, ‘tis said he was the rightful heir
A man of virtue, a man of word
But a single lie in the crux of time
And lo! The moral line was blurred
It’s unfair indeed, to malign his name
If that was an infraction, one of a kind
But where was the virtue, the honour, the strength
When to his wife’s tribulation, he remained blind?

To see yourself become the villain.

Arpita Shetty is a member of LSD. She can relate just about anything to the Great Epic.


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