how do you wake up everyday
wake up to look at yourself, eye-to-mirror-eye
and continue sustaining,
when all you want is unreachable?

what do you live for?
parents? friends? children?
job? business?
you are creating no difference
your existence is meaningless
life for the sake of life
you’re a wild weed that wouldn’t stop growing

consuming, existing, taking away.
diminishing your own provider…

you should die.
but now you’re perplexed:
you’re too weak to do this too,
just as everything else.

your miserable life is suffocating
the collective consciousness of
the descendants of your common ancestor

torture another life
convince yourself that you’re all important
adulate yourself on making it so far

Keshav is a Guest Author for LSD. This poem resulted from taking this blog literally. 


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