The darkest black and brightest white
Combine to make the fairest sight.
The mind races- finding clues, making connections;
The heart struggles to control unchecked emotions.

Time seems abbreviated, and often literally is,
But one never feels quite satisfied by doing things too quick.
The compilers of this universe realized what was amiss,
They created for us a mistress- She goes by the name Cryptic.
Now this fair temptress is very hard to please,
Don’t believe for a second, that it’s going to be a breeze;
On a wild goose chase, She’ll lead you all across,
And when you finally get down, she’ll show you who’s boss.
But one thing’s for sure, you won’t regret this tryst,
Someday, it’ll make you a better cruciverbalist.
So if you even have an inkling of what this means,
To conquer this polygon- fifteen by fifteen
Armed with a pen, step up to the fore,
Battle your wits against anagrams galore.
Homophones, containers, double definitions,
Spoonerisms, charades and deletions.
This humble setter promises this and much more
To anyone who understands what it means to score,
And if you think this is slightly absurd,
Wait till you see LSD’s crossword!

Shruthi is a member of LSD. She is passionate about solving crosswords and THC is her staple diet.  She is presently testing the waters as a setter.


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